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Miesięcznik Społeczno-Kulturalny MUTUUS: Nr 06, LIPIEC 2017 r.

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Amelia Emma Forrest


Freelance Dancer & Co-Director of Amma Dance Theatre 



In Berlin now...



Amelia Forrest left London recently to embark on a journey into butoh in Berlin. She decided to embark on this journey when she found herself stuck asking fundamental questions “What is dance?” and “Why am I dancing?”. She then realized that she had no idea of what is authentic and sincere movement, and she thought to herself “How can I honestly share an experience and emotion with the audience if I am not honest and don’t know where the movement is coming from?”

Butoh for Amelia touches something most precious. It is a journey into the self and a journey into mindfulness and through this art form and this dance you can touch people deeply. After experiencing a solo by Tiziana Longo called “AKA - RED” she realized that the wall between audience and performer can be broken down and by achieving this rather than it be about performing something for someone, it is an invitation to share an experience with the performer. Amelia says the experience changed her whole idea of what a performance is and she was inspired and touched by the experience after seeing Tiziana Longo so vulnerable and honest with such grace.

 Amelia has been taking butoh based workshops in Berlin and has only, as she feels began to touch occasionally this experience of authentic movement. “It is a constant struggle,” she says. “To stay true to the experience and be patient enough to wait to be moved.”

“I am so grateful to the generous facilitators I have had the opportunity to share space with,” Amelia refers to facilitators such as company Motimaru, with Tiziana Longo and Motoya Kondo. She had the intuition that she will need some studio space in order to put all of her knew gaining knowledge into practice, for herself and for her own dance. To see how she will use all of these precious tools. She received support from ufaFabrik, Berlin and there has begun to build a solo. She eventually hopes to perform her solo but it for now is still at its working progress stage.

“It is a very personal journey I wish to bring to the stage, through this solo, at some point. This is all I wish to focus on now, touching people through my art and sharing my whole self through my dance. I have seen it done, I believe it to be possible, I must trust in this way of working and this is the kind of dance I now want to strive for.” - Amelia Forrest


As you may also know Amelia is one of the co-founders of Amma Dance Theatre, and they have projects coming up soon for the company. “I am looking forward to being with Marion Geisler again and creating new work together in the future and bringing the new knowledge we both have required apart and seeing how we collaborate,” Amelia says. 



Photo by Falk Weiß 
Taken and supported at ufaFabrik, Berlin



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